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spaces for your work.

Changes proposes a new concept of flexible workspaces.
All-inclusive environments, in which to experience the freedom of coworking
with the support of a dedicated team and functional locations.

Come, discover and build opportunities with our Community.

+50 private offices

+12 meeting rooms

+500 Changers

Our coworking spaces, your experience.

Our environments
of work

Each of our coworking offers flexible solutions, from the personal desk to the corporate office with 10+ workstations.

All work environments are safe and ready to use, with dedicated services such as privacy plus and guaranteed ultra-fast network.

Serviced offices and on-demand workstations are just some of the solutions we offer for all types of business and hybrid working methods.

Discover all the solutions

Persone nella zona lounge del coworking changes
Community manager passeggia nel corridoio della business area di Changes coworking, vista dalla veranda esterna con pianta e aiuola
Riunione in Changes Coworking Milano su personal branding

Each coworking changes
it is the home of a multidisciplinary community.

Environments where entrepreneurs, companies, startups and freelancers create, implement and share successes and goals.

agile environment with a solid professional footprint which, adapting to every entrepreneurial need of the territory, supports the growth of those who live there.

Our coworking network generates opportunities by supporting the business ideas of each individual activity and allowing the changers to achieve their goals.

Build in the community
by Changes!

A group of 100+ companies and professionals who, from 2021,
reside in our spaces.

On average, each recorded + 26% in turnover,
and to date 30+ partnerships and collaborative projects have been born.

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Our partnerships

We make use of partnerships that support our coworkers in every need, in professional life and in everyday life. Synergies to enhance the network.

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The Changes Coworking blog.

The world of coworking and business centers is a mix of identities, approaches,
experiences and arts in continuous evolution.
Each person experiences it differently and each company designs it in its own way, and we do
we are so enthusiastic and curious that we try to explain it both with the eye
of the coworker than with that of coworking.

To do this, every month we ask ourselves questions and we share the answers this one
and the Changes blog.

Open your space

Create a successful environment

Transform and realize dynamic work environments thanks to our business model.
By joining Changes, you have the opportunity to enter a sector with an annual turnover of 22 billion, diversifying the business of your real estate asset and following a solid and always up-to-date model.

Enhance your entrepreneurial figure, earn and improve your territory!