Access new partners, customers and stakeholders thanks to the domiciliation service.

Domicile your company in one of the Changes locations, present throughout Italy.
Position yourself in the center of the business that interests you most and earn from every opportunity.

The service of all inclusive registered office is designed to give your company tranquility and dynamism.

The registered office a Milan And in other locations, allows you to be present at the heart of the business that matters to you. With additional services and dedicated spaces you will have a professional environment always ready for your meetings.

Space, services and action

Open a branch!

Send a free request for the registered office in Milan, Parma and Rovigo.
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The advantages of the registered office in Changes

Changes' registered office allows you to position your company in the heart of Italian business, Milan, Bari, Parma and Rovigo. Legal domiciliation, postal domiciliation and commercial domiciliation services support you in creating an advantageous and active network.
In addition, in addition to the service, you can use the coworking spaces, you will have the logo on the outside and everything you need to create a real headquarters for your business.

So you will have a virtual and all inclusive office available for your business.
With additional services and equipped spaces always.
Changes offers three types of domiciliation: legal, postal and commercial.

You will be able to take advantage of the domiciliation service including:

  • Reception and secretarial service
  • Contact center
  • Mail management and forwarding
  • Receipt of parcels and online purchases
  • 10% discount on meeting rooms and business offices

By opening the registered office in Changes you will benefit
of all the advantages of our network and you will have access to our business centers from Milan to Parma and in Veneto

In addition to having a modern and large work environment, you will be able to participate in training partnerships dedicated to our community and events.
In addition you will have some discounts, dedicated to companies, developed with partners such as Vodafone, BitMobility, Bahlsen et al.

Some examples, you can have the Microsoft Office365 suite discounted and inclusive of Word, Outlook, Excel to work wherever you are. You can advertise your company online through the digital marketing service and prepare festive gifts to give to your customers with Galup products at a reduced price.

Above all, our staff on site will always be at your disposal and will keep you updated on what happens. In addition, it will handle mail, phone calls and in case of a meeting it will make sure to welcome
your guests at best.

  • Decrease and costs
    A detached legal domiciliation
    from your operational headquarters allows you
    to optimize the work of your staff
    secretarial office.
  • Safety and sanitized environment
    Our offices are sanitized every day and comply with all anti Covid-19 regulations, they are also private access and with personal storage.
  • Flexibility and scalability
    The virtual office of Changes is
    a service flexible designed to be customized and modulated according to your business needs.
  • Dedicated services
    With the Changes membership you will have at your disposal the meeting rooms, the event room and the VoiP service with dedicated switchboard and a personal web network.
  • Changes community
    Growth, training and opportunities.
    The Changes network allows you to make the most of your brand and opens doors for you
    of a dynamic and full community
    of opportunity.
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