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Opportunities in flexible workspaces

Changes coworking was born in 2019 with the aim of creating shared work environments serving people, companies and professionals.

Opportunities, people, territory are the keywords of our project.

Changes is a network of flexible work environments where sharing and aggregation become growth and results.

We support changes in the world of work by transforming spaces into opportunities.

Every our coworking it is the home of a multidisciplinary, creative and synergistic community where companies, freelancers, entrepreneurs and start-ups connect and share successes.
An agile space, with a solid professional footprint, which humanizes work by concentrating the focus on objectives and encouraging collaboration between people.

Changes is the reality in which a piece of the future is built every Monday.

Coworking for Changes is a proactive and dynamic environment that combines different identities and values, creating development and fostering collaboration for constant growth.

A shared and usable evolution is what we propose to our coworkers through our spaces and our solutions. Changes transforms coworking into a driving force for individual territories and for the professional lives of its members.
Furthermore, the evolution of our workspace network allows us to generate opportunities on a national scale by supporting the creation of solid and impactful synergies without borders.

The study of the workspace is the starting point to support the development of synergies between coworkers. Our business centers are designed and furnished with you in mind people as the focus of each activity and translating our principles into optimized and modular environments with large, bright and soundproofed spaces. To best support coworkers in their daily lives, in each of our business centers there is staff dedicated to managing the community.

Our coworking concept

The spaces Changes they are not simple places to work, but boxes where people, personalities and ideas mix and grow.

Our coworking spaces represent the evolution of this ongoing collaboration.

A new concept of flexible workspaces that allows you to experience the freedom of coworking supported by business services designed for the growth of your business.


Transforming actions into innovative opportunities to improve the life of the changers and the territory


Listening and solving the needs of entrepreneurs, professionals, companies and coworkers.


Share your knowledge to achieve the goal


Transforming actions into innovative opportunities to improve the life of the changers and the territory


Propose solutions that can be adapted to any type of space and person