Il business del coworking fatto facile veloce e senza spese eccessive.

Get in the Coworking Business
of coworking.

Join Changes, the new Italian Franchising of flexible workspaces e
open your coworking. The only franchisor in Italy that follows you in all project areas.

We are the solution to obtain the maximum economic return from your property by creating a virtuous and dynamic business within it.




Get revenue, create community, generate value.

Choose the right opportunity for you

In 2030, the 30% of commercial or industrial properties will be converted into flexible spaces
to work in hybrid mode, remotely and in smart working.
We have been developing and implementing a business model that you support for years this evolution And
transform real estate losses into gains for every size of space you have.

Invest in a market
where the demand exceeds the supply!

The Changes model is tested and validated on our 4 structures directed to Milan, Rovigo, Parma And Collecchio, and on the affiliated structures of La Spezia and Pavia and Milano Porta Romana.

With co-business Changes in every single location it generates a revenue three times higher than the traditional lease and also eliminates the problem of eviction.

22 billion

The annual bill of the flexible and shared workspaces sector in Italy

24% growth

The expected growth of the sector in the next year

? 9.13 trillion

The market value of flexible working spaces in the major ones
16 World Nations

6.58 million customers

The steadily increasing number of Italian smartworkers who prefer to work in hybrid mode

Postazioni dedicate in Changes Coworking Parma

Coworking Business

The solution for you who want to dedicate the entire building, owned or rented, to coworking and business center activities.

The perfect project to get the maximum yield from the property and create an impact on the territory. What does it mean?

The transformation of your property into coworking generates an income 3X compared to the classic lease and eliminates the evictions problem. In addition, it allows you to create
a dynamic environment in which to enhance and bring together the excellence of the citizen.
A winning business whether you are renting the property or whether it is
owned by you.

  • Maximum yield of the Building
  • Very fast startup phase
  • Entering a rapidly evolving business
  • A dynamic and flexible brand that opens the door to this business at affordable costs
  • 360 ° support from the design of the space to the maximum scalability of the Business

Corporate coworking

The solution for you who have office spaces,
within your company, underused or unused.

The perfect project to optimize building costs by favoring
an alternative income to the company's core business.
Not only an economic advantage, but also benefits that you will give too
to your company.

With the corporate coworking you will improve the well-being of your employees thanks to a relational exchange with external subjects that can fuel comparisons and growth.
In addition, it allows you to attract talents that can be functional
to your main business, startups and professionals with whom to evaluate partnerships and why not also find new collaborators as you can
test before taking them.

  • Transforming what is now a cost into income
  • Get in touch with new talents
  • Very fast startup phase
  • Entering a rapidly evolving business
  • A dynamic and flexible brand that opens the door to this business at affordable costs
  • 360 ° support of this business line

Open your Coworking today.

Book an information call with our dedicated consultant and discover the potential of Changes.

4 reasons to become a Changes partner

We are a fast growing Franchising with a winning model ready to be shared
with property owners and entrepreneurs looking to invest in an expanding market.

Thanks to the support of Changes your operational effort will be very minimal.

We take care of the configuration of the space, the training of the staff and
at we support every move strategically and commercially.

Dettaglio di un ufficio nelcoworking business di milano

Revolutionize your future.

Embrace your desire to change and find out how to revolutionize the course of your professional life.

Changing costs effort, but doing it with a solid and well-structured group is easier and safer.

Persone lavorano nella lounge di Changes Rovigo

Access a growing market.

The flexible office market yields € 22 billion.

Today there are 6.58 million smart workers in Italy and they are increasing day by day compared to a substantially unchanged number of coworking. In 2021 the growth was 1.050%.

Persone in una area break di Changes Milano mentre bevono caffè e chiaccherano

Develop your business.

It is usually thought that to open your own business you need to have accumulated years of experience.

With Changes this is not the case! No previous experience is required but proactivity!

Dettaglio sala riunione in Changes Rovigo von riflesso di ragazza sul vetro

Discover an already tested model.

Tested and tested in our direct points, we know how to tell you what to do and what not to do to get your business off the ground and turn it into a? business of sure success

We are in 6 cities with 7 centers and 5000+ square meters dedicated to an innovative work experience for 460+ coworkers

Discover all the benefits
of this business

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to understand the qualities and benefits of doing business with Changes.