Post-Covid Coworking

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Following the COVID 19 problem, the whole world has changed habits, places, tools and means of transport, adapting to new forms of socializing and sharing. Here is a photograph of post-covid coworking.

We've all had the long Zoom meetings at home with the dog barking and the washing machine spinning in the background, but will the future really stay that way?
What will happen to the work and its? Production sites? Now that, almost everyone, we have touched that much requested Smart Working or teleworking, how will we adapt to the? Old style? Methodologies?

Smart Working and home working, a new way of working with your problems

According to ISTAT data, 4.2 million Italians are currently working remotely, a number that will double in 2021. Impressive numbers but for which there is a big question mark: What's it really like to work from home?

The health emergency in a very short time has put in front of most Italian employers that overseas trend that they pretended not to see, smart working.

By adapting to this new way of working, the potential of the tool has been highlighted, but also so-called? Digital? and structural as well as an increasingly strong imbalance between work and private spaces.

The home border? work has definitely been exceeded, to the point that more and more employees require dedicated spaces to be able to work without distractions.

In terms of structures, many homes were not ready to be converted into offices. Have back pain and joint pain now become the standard?lockdown pains ?.

Working from home, in fact, has several problems including the ergonomics, sometimes absent, of desks and chairs as well as the incorrect positioning of the desktop that strains the neck and eyes.

Precisely for this reason, there is an ever increasing demand for new workspaces equipped with adequate structures and which guarantee productivity.

Coworking, in this case, is the perfect solution that intends to combine smart with dedicated, proactive and organized places without having to go back to the old concept of office and enjoying the freedoms that smart working can offer.

The advantages of Smart Working

According to an Aidp survey, the main advantages found by smart working are the savings in time and travel costs for workers, the increase in individual satisfaction and responsibility.

The evolution in smart has also led to remote training, the so-called smart learning and most of the work performances, which were previously carried out in the presence, have now been adapted to be able to fulfill them at a distance and certainly this new form will continue afterwards. ? COVID.

The companies that have managed to perfectly transform themselves into smart have enjoyed the benefits by pushing their employees to work remotely to reduce costs, see those of premises for exclusive use, and enjoy a better brand image by encouraging their values on safety , flexibility and innovation.

This aspect leads to an increasing number of "nomadic" workers, who look for their workplace near home, within a maximum of 15 minutes and which can make them part of a network useful for their professional and personal growth.

The office of tomorrow
(and today how much is changing)

Through a survey conducted by EasyHunters, in which they interviewed about 13,000 employees of companies of various sizes and sectors, it emerged that the 80% of them think a smarter way of working, and therefore the relative abolition of the classic office, has no impact on productivity.

And if this were not enough, the 90% of the interviewees directly asked the employer to reconsider the company organization, the ways of interacting with colleagues, customers and suppliers, not only by providing for the use of digital devices but also by readjusting spaces and places. of work.

The future will be a new hybrid model between the smart office and attention to the person with services that are more fundamental than ever such as sanitation and continuous cleaning of rooms and workstations, an adequate air filtering system and technologies for temperature control and distance monitoring.

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Coworking: a? business opportunities to offer benefits in the area

The interest in the shared spaces, also in the face of the data highlighted thanks to the innovation of Smart Working, it is growing strongly.
In fact, not only freelancers and startups will use it, but also companies that decide to move their business to a shared place to ensure maximum flexibility for their employees and not have the fixed cost of a local property. Furthermore, more and more employees of companies adapted to home working, choose a dedicated workstation inside a Coworking to increase productivity and reduce distractions.

After the arrival of coworking in Italy, around 2010, the main Italian cities were filled with this type of business (the peak is reached in Milan with a coworking space for every 14,000 inhabitants), but medium-sized cities, and some large companies with little supply still have great room for growth and it is precisely on these that the attention of corporates and companies will shift in the coming years.

The realities of coworking and flexible offices in our territory prove to be for the most part in profit, the structures that report losses have as their main problem the partial, and sometimes total, absence of solid foundations for business growth and belonging to a adaptable and innovative network.

Changes Coworking offers support to entrepreneurs who intend to ride an increasingly developing business thanks to the exchange of skills and knowledge as well as total and constant support aimed at the growth of space.

Furthermore, values such as flexibility and dynamism are the basis of the collaboration proposal, thus guaranteeing a proactive and far-sighted relationship.

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