The Community Manager within the Coworking. Role and duties

Il community manager è la figura fondamentale dello spaziom che ti aiuterà nel viverlo al meglio

The Community Manager is a fundamental role when it comes to coworking.

The idea of Coworking and its application gravitates around to the Community, it is in fact the essence of a shared workspace. In Changes, the management of people, talents and professionalism is the responsibility of a fundamental figure for a Coworking company Community Manager.

In general, the daily objective of our Community Manager is the creation of networks between the Coworkers and the encouragement of the growth of the space and its "feel good". Duties rightly compared to those of "facilitator" and "problem solver" as they deal with promoting the internal network and solving the small daily problems of companies and professionals.

A typical working day of a Community Manager in Changes ranges from presence at the front desk to the development of collaborations in the area and the organization of events and programs to promote company values to Coworkers and interested parties.

He is also the reference figure in case of first contact with the Coworking space. For that reason it is necessary to have one proactive and constructive spirit. The Changes Community Manager is the point of contact for city promotion. By creating events of interest for the community and networking moments, it is the meeting point between the outside and inside of the community.

The human aspect and the application of the Human Oriented concept is of absolute importance.
It favors the development of a dynamic, constructive Coworking that can be a mirror of professional and personal growth.

Being the guide and reference of Community Changes involves responsibility and attention.

Hoping that by reading our short article you ran to your partner shouting "this is what I want in life", we inform you that the selection for the role of Community Manager ends on January 15th and that you can proceed with the application by clicking on this link.

Are you ready to develop the largest Changemaker network in the city?