Cookie Policy Changes Coworking

The cookie policy deals with the use of cookies. A small text file containing a certain amount of information exchanged between a website and your terminal.

The cookie policy is normally used by the manager to inform the user on how cookies are used on the website to store the information necessary to improve navigation within the site or to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the user in the context of surfing the net.

When you visit the same site again or any other site, the user's device checks for the presence of a recognized cookie, in order to be able to read the information contained therein. The different cookies contain different information and are used for different purposes (efficient navigation on the pages of the same site, profiling in order to send targeted promotional messages, analysis on the number of visits to the site).

During navigation, the user can also receive on his terminal cookies sent from different websites or web servers (so-called third parties), on which some elements may reside (e.g. images, maps, sounds, specific links to pages of others domains) present on the site the user is visiting. More generally, some cookies (called session cookies) are assigned to the user's device only for the duration of access to the site and automatically expire when the browser is closed.

Other cookies (defined as persistent) remain on the device for an extended period of time. The specific purposes of the different types of cookies installed on this site are described below. You can disable cookies by following the information below.


If you do not want to receive cookies, you can change your browser settings so that you are notified when cookies are being sent or so that you can refuse the cookies themselves.

You can also delete cookies that have already been installed on your device. If you want to limit or block the browser cookies that are already installed on your device, you can do it through the settings of the browser itself: the function? Settings? in the browser it should tell you how. For more information on cookies and how to manage them, you can visit which contains detailed information on how to intervene on the different types of browsers.

By disabling cookies you risk losing some site features.


Below is the information necessary to identify the cookies installed, their function and their duration on your device.


This type of cookie allows certain sections of the Site to function correctly. They are of two categories: persistent and session:

- persistent: once the browser is closed they are not destroyed but remain up to a preset expiration date;

- session: they are destroyed every time the browser is closed.

These cookies, always sent from our domain, are necessary to view the site correctly and in relation to the technical services offered, they will therefore always be used and sent, unless the user changes the settings in their browser (thus invalidating the display of the pages of the site).


The cookies in this category are used to collect information on the use of the site. Changes SRL will use this information in respect of anonymous statistical analysis in order to improve the use of the Site and to make the content more interesting and relevant to the wishes of users. This type of cookie collects anonymous data on user activity and how it arrived on the Site. Analytical cookies are sent from the Site itself or from third-party domains.


These cookies are used in order to collect information on the use of the Site by users anonymously such as: pages visited, time spent, origins of the traffic of origin, geographical origin, age, gender and interests for the purpose of marketing campaigns. . These cookies are sent from third-party domains external to the Site.


This type of cookie integrates functions developed by third parties within the pages of the Site such as icons and preferences expressed in social networks in order to share the contents of the site or for the use of third-party software services (such as software for generate maps and additional software offering additional services). These cookies are sent from third-party domains and from partner sites that offer their functionality on the pages of the Site.


These cookies are necessary to create user profiles in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the user within the pages of the Site.


The Site may contain links to other Web sites that have their own privacy policy which may be different from that adopted by and therefore not responsible for these sites.



The site uses cookies to guarantee the user a better browsing experience; these cookies are essential for the correct use of the site.

You can disable these cookies from your browser by following the instructions in the dedicated paragraph, but you will compromise your experience on the site and we will not be able to respond to malfunctions.


These are monitoring cookies for the generation of statistics on the use of the site. Google Analytics uses cookies that do not store personal data and that are stored on the user's computer to allow the website manager to analyze how users use the site.


The website could use the Google Adwords program and Google Remarketing technology. Both are operated by Google Inc .. The AdWords Conversion Tracking feature also uses cookies. To help us track sales and other conversions, a cookie is added to a user's computer when that user clicks on an ad. This cookie lasts 30 days and does not collect or monitor information that can personally identify a user. Users can disable Google conversion tracking cookies in their Internet browser settings. In some cases, cookies can cause problems when logging in or while browsing within your AdWords account. When this occurs, the best way to correct the problem is to clear the cache and delete the cookies saved for your Internet browser. Find out more about Finally, the user can disable Google Analytics cookies by downloading a specific browser plug-in available at the following url


These are persistent or non-proprietary tracking cookies, used to improve the user experience during visits to our website, offering personalized services for the visitor, both on this site and on other multimedia tools.


These are third-party cookies released in case of access to videos on Youtube. Websites often collect information on how users interact with them. This information may relate to the pages visited most often by users and any error messages they receive from certain pages.


The site uses facebook remarketing for remarketing activities. This is a service offered by Facebook Inc., which involves the installation of cookies and pixels used to propose ads more relevant to the user's interests. These tools are used by CHANGESCOWORKING for remarketing activities.

First nameDomainDescriptionDeadline
fr.facebook.comthe cookie is set by Facebook to show relevant ads to users and measure and improve ads. The cookie also tracks user behavior across the web on sites that have Facebook pixels or Facebook social plugins. 3 months
_fbp/Cookie set by Facebook to deliver advertising when on Facebook or in a digital platform powered by Facebook advertising after visiting this website. 3 months
_ga/This cookie is installed by Google Analytics. The cookie is used to calculate visitor, session, campaign data and track site usage for the site analytics report. The cookies store information anonymously and assign a randomly generated number to identify unique visitors.2 years
_gid/This cookie is installed by Google Analytics. The cookie is used to store information on how visitors use a website file and helps create an analytics report of how the website is performing. The data collected including the number of visitors, source from which they come and pages viewed anonymously. 1 day
_clck/1 years
__cf_bm .typeform.comThis cookie is set by CloudFare. The cookie is used to support Cloudfare Bot Management. 30 minutes
_abck.list-manage.comthis cookie is used to detect and defend when a client tries to play a cookie manages interaction with online bots and takes appropriate actions.1 years
bm_sz.list-manage.comthis cookie is set by the Akamai Bot Manager provider. This cookie is used to manage the online bot interaction file. It also helps in fraud prevention 4 hours
__cfduid.typeform.comthe cookie is used by cdn services such as CloudFare to identify individual clients behind a shared IP address and apply security settings on a per client basis. It does not match any user ID in the web application and does not store any personally identifiable information. 1 month
_ga_EXCCQ2DDDC/2 years
_gat_UA-182337600-1/1 minute
_lfa/This cookie is set by the Leadfeeder provider. This cookie is used to identify the IP address of the devices that visit the website. The cookie collects information such as IP addresses, time spent on the website and page requests for visits. This collected information is used for retargeting the routing of multiple users from the same IP address. 2 years
_fbp/1 years
_MCPopup/2 minutes
ls_smartpush/2 months
_hjAbsoluteSessionInProgress30 minutes
ak_bmsc.us2.list-manage.com2 hours
_mcid.us2.list-manage.com1 years
ANONCHK.c.clarity.msThis cookie carries out information about how the end user uses the website and any advertising that the end user may have seen before visiting the said website.10 minutes
MUID.clarity.msThis cookie is widely used my Microsoft as a unique user identifier. It can be set by embedded microsoft scripts. Widely believed to sync across many different Microsoft domains, allowing user tracking.1 years
SM.c.clarity.msThis is a Microsoft MSN 1st party cookie which we use to measure the use of the website for internal analytics.session is a Microsoft MSN 1st party cookie that ensures the proper functioning of this website.1 years
CLIDwww.clarity.msThis cookie is usually set by Dstillery to enable sharing media content to social media. It may also gather information on website visitors when they use social media to share website content from the page visited.1 years


Information relating to the cookies released by Google Analytics are available at the following link:

Information relating to the cookies released by Hubspot are available at the following link:

Information relating to cookies released by Youtube are available at the following link: Information relating to cookies released by Facebook are available at the following link: https: //www.facebook. com / help / cookies


Changes SRL, according to current legislation, is not required to seek consent for technical and analytics cookies, as they are necessary to provide the required services. For all other types of cookies, consent can be expressed by the User with one or more of the following methods:

- Through specific configurations of the browser used or the related computer programs used to navigate the pages that make up the Site.

- By changing the settings in the use of third-party services

Both of these solutions could prevent the user from using or viewing parts of the Site.

The consent to the use of cookies is initially given, at the appearance of the popup, by continuing to browse our site, and can be revoked at any time as indicated above.


If you wish to learn more about the ways in which your browser stores cookies during your navigation, please follow these links on the websites of the respective suppliers.


We remind you that you have the right at any time to obtain confirmation of the existence or otherwise of the same data and to know its content and origin, verify its accuracy or request its integration or updating, or correction.

You also have the right to request cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed in violation of the law, as well as to oppose in any case, for legitimate reasons, to their processing.
Requests should be addressed:

- by e-mail, to our Data Protection Officer: [email protected]

- or by post, to the Data Protection Officer - Changes SRL, Via Quaranta, 45,20139, Milan (MI)

For further information on the processing of personal data by Changes SRL consult the Privacy Policy .