The virtual office Changes Coworking, what it is and how it works

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The virtual office is a service that is part of the modern, appreciated and increasingly requested concept of Smart Working.

What is a virtual office

It is called Virtual office but it is a very "concrete" business model.
A virtual office works like seat? real? where the professional or company is not physically present. However, the office is manned by secretarial staff who manage all company communications, as well as the switchboard. Between services which are usually offered: domiciliation, personalized telephone lines, correspondence management, concessions and discounts on physical coworking services.

The reception also takes care of welcome customers and guests, who can use the structure, generally equipped with offices and meeting rooms that can be rented by the day, equipped with all the most advanced technologies to conduct presentations, carry out video conferences or training courses.

In addition to domiciliation, to the switchboard and correspondence management, it is possible to use the building as a support point to receive clients or hold meetings. Or as a workplace to be used when necessary, paying the office only for the time necessary and with discounted rates.

The advantages of having a virtual office

Often the virtual office is used only as a registered office. Many companies choose this solution to have a contact point in several different cities. Then there are those who instead adopt it as a real head office.

Surely a virtual office is also able to satisfy the requests of an increasing number of professionals who work remotely. Lawyers, architects, accountants, consultants etc. they find in this space a place of representation, equipped with all the necessary equipment to organize important meetings.

For younger companies, on the other hand, it means having concrete help in building a corporate reputation in the area. Not to mention that having a virtual office does not affect the fact of being present in the area. Everyone can customize their experience according to their needs.

How Virtual Office Works in Changes Coworking

To meet the different market needs, in Changes Coworking, we have decided to decline this service according to 3 product lines according to the customer's needs:

The first level of service includes the legal domiciliation, the service of receiving mail And
discounted rates for the rental of offices and meeting rooms. The second level in addition to the previous services also includes the secretarial service with a dedicated number.

Both solutions can be activated in less than 48 hours with our online service, dedicated to opening or moving a registered office. Follow the instructions that find it here.

Plus office it also includes the use of the office for 5 days a month in one of our coworking located in Milan, Parma And Rovigo.